Splashdown for Kids is right around the corner!

Next week it’s time – Splashdown for Kids is finally here!

We’re all so excited about Splashdown for Kids – it’s been a long couple of months planning and a lot of work, but the Dream Team here in the CIS of Nevada office is stoked that things are all in place.

Of course, we’ve had some bumps along the way – we’re worried the weather won’t be warm enough, we still have a ton of things to get done┬ábefore Saturday and those After-School All-Star people – they are SO difficult to work with! (Just kidding – don’t dunk us in the pool!)

Here’s a look at our typical Splashdown meetings …


If you haven’t bought your tickets yet the ONLY way to do it and get the incredible, reduced rate of $25 per person, is to click here and use the special code CISASASDAY.(I mean – you could go to the All-Stars website and do it, but you’re here and why let them steal our precious, precious website traffic?!?!)

Hope to see you there!

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