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CIS of Northeastern Nevada Weekend Food Bags During COVID
Bringing Support to Students
Barrier-free Resources
Where We Are

We know that resources exist, but often they’re scattered all over town, difficult to access, and open only during business hours. And so, that’s why we bring the community into our schools just like our name states. To find out what schools we are in please visit our regional-specific information pages depending on where you live (Las Vegas Valley, Reno/Sparks or Elko/Humboldt).

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Essentials for All

When J.E. Manch Elementary School transitioned to distance learning, Aryoc didn’t have a reliable way to log on and attend class. Cornell, his CIS Site Coordinator, worked to provide anything Aryoc needed to fully participate in his academics.

London and Jhoana Desert Pines High School Communities In Schools of Nevada
Mental Health & Self-Love

After healing from various traumas, London slipped back into depression. CIS Site Coordinator at Desert Pines High School, Jhoana, connected London with a mental health professional. Soon London’s academic performance returned, leading to graduation.

Future Smiles Partner
Healthcare at No Costs

To keep our students healthy and thriving in school and beyond, Communities In Schools works with community partners to provide professional eye care, dental services, and hygiene products to our students. Here is just one story of how our partners help our CIS kids!

Agustin Myrtle Tate Elementary School teaching English as Second Language ESL
From ESL to Housing Help

We live in a diverse community where our kids deserve the opportunity to achieve in the classroom regardless of race, ZIP code or socioeconomic background. From English as a Second Language classes to housing assistance, CIS does whatever it takes. Site Coordinator Agustin sees many of his students adjust to a new language and he knows what it feels like. Because that is part of his story too.

Graduation and Beyond

We help our high school students get back on track to graduation and prepare for life. CIS helps and guides our students professionally and personally with workshops, college and career opportunities, and fun outings and activities! Site Coordinator Eliana inspired Chaparral High School senior Alexandra to be the first in her family to graduate and pursue a college education.

120+ Community Partners
Partnerships In School
Our Partners

We understand the importance of wholesome meals, clothing that makes you confident, and stable internet at home. From helping a student control their emotions to offering a safe space to talk, Communities In Schools of Nevada works on school campuses to meet our students’ unique needs. We work with 120+ community partners to provide resources and services to better serve our students and families. To learn more about the different agencies and nonprofits we work with please check out our partners.