Southern Nevada Staff

Southern Nevada Staff

Our Communities In Schools of Southern Nevada team is a passionate force, doing Whatever It Takes to support our students. Meet our team.

Site Coordinators

Our site coordinators are in schools to connect students and their families to critical educational and community-based resources on a case-by-case basis.

  • Aabriel Keller
    Reed Elementary School
  • Abigail Vega Trujillo Headshot
    Abigail Vega Trujillo
    Cozine Elementary School
  • Adan Martinez Headshot
    Adan Martinez
    Las Vegas High School
  • Adrian Pelayo Headshot
    Adrian Pelayo
    Cox Elementary School
  • Allison Luciano Headshot
    Allison Luciano
    Hal Smith Elementary School
  • Amanda Musones Headshot
    Amanda Musones
    Cimarron-Memorial High School
  • Amina Turner
    Cimarron-Memorial High School
  • Ana Sanchez Benet
    Mountain View Elementary School
  • Andrea Michaels Headshot
    Andrea Michaels
    Diaz Elementary School
  • Andrea Vazquez-Garcia Headshot
    Andrea Vazquez-Garcia
    Desert Pines High School
  • Angel Barraza Headshot
    Angel Barraza
    Detwiler Elementary School
  • Anthony Medrano
    Cambeiro Elementary School
  • Attiya Kitchen headshot
    Attiya Kitchen
    Johnston Middle School
  • Bonnie Lefevre Headshot
    Bonnie Lefevre
    Hickey Elementary School
  • Brandi Lopez Headshot
    Brandi Lopez
    Bell Elementary School
  • Breanna Aguilar Headshot
    Breanna Aguilar
    Bridger Middle School
  • Breanna Bonnefoy
    Elizondo Elementary School
  • Bryana Caballero
    Gragson Elementary School
  • Burgundi Wright Headshot
    Burgundi Wright
    Canyon Springs High School
  • Carla Quezada
    Jeffers Elementary School
  • Carmen Martinez Headshot
    Carmen Martinez-Salazar
    Sunrise Mountain High School
  • Casey Abad Headshot
    Casey Abad
    Craig Elementary School
  • Cassandra Manoogian Headshot
    Cassandra Manoogian
    Clark High School
  • Christina Cerrone
    Las Vegas High School
  • Christine Terlaje
    Thomas Elementary School
  • Cimirin Singh
    Canyon Springs High School
  • Cornell Williams Headshot
    Cornell Williams
    Manch Elementary School
  • Cory Harper Headshot
    Cory Harper
    Desert Pines High School
  • Dacia Hogan
    Duncan Elementary School
  • Daneal Atkinson Headshot
    Daneal Atkinson
    Western High School
  • Deshae Bowen-Edwards
    Deshae Bowen-Edwards
    Legacy High School
  • Devoni Mills-Catchings Headshot
    Devoni Mills-Catchings
    Dearing Elementary School
  • Diana G. Cobian-Reynoso Headshot
    Diana G. Cobian-Reynoso
    Sunrise Mountain High School
  • Dianna Koa
    Bailey Middle School
  • Dominique Cole Headshot
    Dominique Cole
    Valley High School
  • Dominique Martinez
    Gene Ward Elementary School
  • Doris Orantes Headshot
    Doris Orantes
    Petersen Elementary School
  • Eloisa Garcia Headshot
    Eloisa Garcia
    Lunt Elementary School
  • Esteffany Alvarado
    Tom Williams Elementary School
  • Genesis Rodriguez Lopez
    Cortez Elementary School
  • Graciela Robles Headshot
    Graciela Robles
    Vegas Verdes Elementary School
  • Hazina Williams
    Ira J. Earl Elementary School
  • Heather Cole Headshot
    Heather Cole
    Thiriot Elementary School
  • Hugo Virrueta
    Hickey Elementary School
  • Isabel Gonzalez Site Coordinator
    Isabel Gonzalez
    Eldorado High School
  • Jacky On
    Harney Middle School
  • Jarron Taylor
    Lynch Elementary School
  • Jasmine Shaw headshot
    Jasmine Shaw
    Hancock Elementary School
  • Jenaya Bultler
    Jenaya Butler
    Mojave High School
  • Jennyfer Terlaje
    Perkins Elementary School
  • Jessica Olivas
    Ronnow Elementary School
  • Jessica Suarez Headshot
    Jessica Suarez
    Canyon Springs High School
  • Joanna Villatoro Headshot
    Joanna Villatoro
    Ronzone Elementary School
  • Joanne Romero Headshot
    Joanne Romero
    Sunrise Acres Elementary School
  • Joshua Rivera Headshot
    Joshua Rivera
    Lowman Elementary School
  • Karen Belote-Stevens Headshot
    Karen Belote-Stevens
    Roundy Elementary School
  • Karen Mora Headshot
    Karen Mora
    Clark High School
  • Karnia Palacios Headshot
    Karina Palacios
    Cashman Middle School
  • Karina Torres
    Von Tobel Middle School
  • Kelly Schumacker Headshot
    Kelly Schumacker
    Decker Elementary School
  • Louise Dotson
    Gene Ward Elementary School
  • Marcellas Smiley
    Dearing Elementary School
  • Marco Mercado Headshot
    Marco Mercado
    Canyon Springs High School
  • Marisol Montoya Headshot
    Marisol Montoya
    Hewetson Elementary School
  • Marisol Ponce
    Sunrise Mountain High School
  • Martin Mendiola
    Kelly Elementary School
  • Marvin Campos Headshot
    Marvin Campos
    Chaparral High School
  • Mary "Monica" Porter Headshot
    Mary “Monica” Porter
    Wendel P. Williams Elementary School
  • McKayla Kimball Headshot
    McKayla Kimball
    Keller Middle School
  • Michelle Trujillo Headshot
    Michelle Trujillo
    Griffith Elementary School
  • Miranda Trobiani Headshot
    Miranda Trobiani
    Monaco Middle School
  • Peter Lopes Headshot
    Peter Lopes
    Valley High School
  • Pricilla Landeros Headshot
    Priscilla Landero-Valderrabano
    Chaparral High School
  • Rachel Ostorga
    Bridger Middle School
  • Raul Fention Headshot
    Raul Fention
    Lowman Elementary School
  • Rebecca Knight
    Orr Middle School
  • Reehana Nisha
    Sedway Middle School
  • Rosa Estarada Headshot
    Rosa Estrada
    Woolley Elementary School
  • Ruby Corona
    Ruby Corona
    Eldorado High School
  • Sadie White
    Sadie White
    Red Rock Elementary School
  • placeholder headshot image
    Saleena Alvarez
    Western High School
  • Serenity Bailey
    Serenity Bailey
    Long Elementary School
  • Shanesa Crosby
    Wilhelm Elementary School
  • Shani Panditharatne
    Martin Luther King Elementary School
  • Shinia Wade
    Paradise Elementary School
  • Shirin Bojian
    Shirin Borjian
    Harmon Elementary School
  • Sophia Jaramillo
    Robert Taylor Elementary School
  • Susan Gonzalez
    Rancho High School
  • Tasha Leaver
    Tasha Leaver
    Martinez Elementary School
  • Tasha Woods
    Tasha Woods
    Legacy High School
  • Tatiana Garcia
    McWilliams Elementary School
  • Teresa Ruiz
    Teresa Ruiz
    Rancho High School
  • Terri Cohea
    Tartan Elementary School
  • Whitney Cole
    Whitney Cole
    Western High School
  • Whitney McClure
    Bridger Middle School
  • William Pankey
    Ira J. Earl Elementary School
  • Yajaida Lujan Arroyo
    Yajaida Lujan Arroyo
    Jim Thorpe Elementary School
  • Yesinia Gutierrez
    Yesenia Gutierrez
    JD Smith Middle School
  • Zayna Rabb
    Zayna Rabb
    Booker Elementary School
Southern Nevada

Advisory Council

Our Southern Nevada council members are boots on the ground community members making a difference for CIS. From fundraising ambassadors, to community connectors, our Southern Nevada Advisory Council knows the importance to supporting our kids.

  • Allison Foster
    Assured Partners
  • Anthony Herrera
    TRIO Upward Bound Nevada State College
  • Jameson Bauman
    Community Advocate
  • Johnny Dominguez
    Q3 Student Partners
  • Leo Moschioni
    Lexicon Bank
  • Paula Zier
    Public Education Foundation
  • Ramona Esparza
    Community Advocate
  • Ronalyn Napier
    Elementary School Principal
  • Stephanie Kirby
    Eye Care 4 Kids