Stepping up for Our Students

Work Beyond the Classroom

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Greatness Exists in Every Student

Imagine: every high-need school having evidence-based intervention for our students to ensure they succeed in school and achieve in life.

We are here to build a network of trust for our students, showing them what it’s like to have a trusted adult on their side, no matter what.

In Nevada, our team of 140+ site coordinators and 120+ partners operates in 110 schools and counting. Providing wraparound support for more than 100,000 students, it’s our job to remind our students that there’s nothing they can’t do.

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Evidence-Based Model

CIS was founded on the idea that all children need the presence of a caring adult in their lives to succeed. A decision to focus on quality and consistency resulted in an evidence-based model, Integrated Student Support, that best serves our students and makes a measurable difference in communities.

Our Unique Model

2022-2023 School Year Data: Demonstrating Success

case-managed students graduated or received a GED
Case-managed students Met or made progress on attendance goals
case-managed students met or made progress on their coursework goals
case-managed students were promoted to the next grade level
map of Nevada to show CIS regions
Our Locations

CIS Nevada has three offices working across the state for one mission.

Where We Are

Our community of support empowers students to achieve in school and thrive in life.

About Us