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Dear Students,

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It’s harder than ever to be a student. Let’s face it: it has been an unpredictable past couple of years. But there’s good news. 

Communities In Schools is an organization that helps students just like you get ahead in school and in life. Our highly-trained site coordinators work with you one-on-one to support you with just about anything you need to be successful, regardless of your grade level, ZIP code, gender or background. See how CIS of Nevada and the site coordinator in your school can help you today. 

Educational Resources for Students

The CIS of Nevada site coordinator at your school can offer support with your classes, emotional support that goes beyond the classroom, and any necessities you may need to feel confident coming to school every day. Struggling to adapt to English? There are even programs for English language learners. 

Some of the services site coordinators can help you with include: 

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Health care
  • Housing assistance 
  • Academic support/tutoring
  • Technology tools and support (including devices and high speed internet access)
  • Textbooks and school supplies
  • Social-emotional support
  • Basic life skills
  • Community involvement

Whether you are struggling at home, in the classroom, with homework or just to meet your own basic needs, a CIS of Nevada site coordinator is there to guide you to individually-tailored solutions that help you grow as a student and a person. Talk to your site coordinator today! 

Camillas Story – CIS Nevada

Helping Our Students

Did you know CIS of Nevada helps 94% of the students it serves like you graduate from high school, and 99% of students advance to the next grade level? Watch a video of how a student named Camilla worked with Chelsea, her site coordinator, to overcome her self-doubt and reach academic success.