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More Than School

Supporting the Whole Student

Our Model

Education is about so much more than just school. Learning happens in classrooms, at home, online and within communities. This is especially important with more than 70 percent of Nevada students experiencing poverty and other adverse circumstances, so caring relationships and access to basic needs are critical.

Communities In Schools of Nevada works to ensure students have what they need to succeed in school and achieve in life. We do this by taking a comprehensive approach to student development which addresses their basic, social-emotional and academic needs to unlock their potential. Our evidence-based Integrated Student Support program is tailored to every school we serve in the state, customized to the student, and to the region, depending on every communities unique needs. With this approach in place, students are much more likely to stay in school and graduate.

What Types of Student Support Services Does CIS of Nevada Provide?

In partnership with over 120+ nonprofit and government agencies, with services ranging from counseling to foster care, and school supplies, to just being a sounding board for life’s challenges, our site coordinators are dedicated to providing resources and encouraging student achievement both in and out of the classroom.

Academic Achievement
CIS site coordinators work with partners to provide tutoring, technology assistance, books, supplies, and support for English Language Learners.
Basic Needs
From food and housing assistance to clothing and afterschool programming, Nevada students benefit from CIS of Nevada’s holistic approach.
Social-Emotional Support
Wellness checks and behavioral interventions help guide students to the right path, while mindfulness practice and community service learning helps round out the individual.
How Can I Access These Resources?
Find Your School

If your school has a site coordinator, we can work with you to determine what supports are needed to remove barriers for your academic success and overall wellbeing.  See what schools we’re in to get started.