Hug High Student Graduating thanks to CIS of Western Nevada!

High school graduation is coming up for thousands of students as a sobering truth lingers. Last year, Nevada had one of the lowest graduation rates in the country at 73 percent. Thanks to help from a non-profit, Hug High School, which has one of Washoe County’s lowest graduation rates, will have several not so likely graduates walking across the stage. “I wasn’t really sure if I would be able to get to where I am at now,” said one of those graduates, Marvetta Lewis. She is excited to embrace adulthood. “I’m going to the CNA program to become a certified nurse’s aid.” But this bright and promising future didn’t always seem in reach for Marvetta. “For as long as I can remember I struggled financially.” Her biggest obstacle during high school has been her home life, often struggling with a stable place to live. But do not doubt Marvetta’s determination. Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.20.57 PM “She was one of those rare occasions where a student refers themselves to our program,” said Communities in Schools Site Coordinator, Elisha Harris. Thanks the national nonprofit, Communities in Schools, which is in five Washoe County schools, she found help and hope. “It’s given me a new sense of confidence and motivation,” said Lewis. Harris was also there for tutoring, mentoring and encouragement during her time at Hug. “She almost felt defeated because there were so many people telling her she was not going to make it or that her circumstances were going to overwhelm her and keep her from achieving the goals that she had. We removed that narrative,” said Harris. “Not many in my people in my family graduate. So me being able to graduation and go to the CNA program is out of this world. It’s amazing,” said Lewis. Amazing indeed. “Last year at Hug we saw 11 students cross the stage, this year we are going to see 22,” said Auburn Harrison, Communities in Schools Executive Director. Communities in Schools is at Libby Booth and Natchez Elementary, Vaughn middle, and Hug and Innovations High. They are helping over 300 students in all grade levels. As for Marvetta and others at Hug High, graduation is on Monday, June 12.
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