When you donate to Communities In Schools, you are donating to an organization that has proven to decrease the dropout rate and increase on-time graduation rates. You are donating to the future of Nevada’s students, and to the future of our state and economy. Give a tax-deductible gift today and make a lasting difference in the life of a child.

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Minimum Donation: $1.00

Every Dollar Counts

Your donations make an incredible impact every day. Discover how your generosity supplies students with the essential resources they need to succeed.

  • $10 buys a school uniform for a student
  • $25 buys school supplies for five students
  • $50 buys hygiene kits for five students
  • $100 ensures a senior has a mentor so that they can get their diploma
  • $200 fosters a student with little or no support with an adult advocate and friend
  • $270 provides a hungry child with a backpack of food each weekend throughout the school year
  • $500 supports numerous students in need throughout the school year









Did you know that each time you donate to Goodwill, CIS of Nevada can get Goodwill gift cards for our students? Check out how here!

The Community

Donating $600 annually ($50/month) entitles you to membership in The Community, a special group of philanthropists who have made a strong commitment to elevating children’s lives and decreasing Nevada’s dropout rate.

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