Communities In Schools Praises Congress for Passing the Every Student Succeeds Act & Providing Resources for Low-Income Students

Arlington, Va. Dec. 9, 2015 – Communities In Schools (CIS), the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization, today applauded Sens Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn and Patty Murray, D-Wash and Reps John Kline, R-Minn and Bobby Scott, D-Va for their leadership in helping first the House and today the Senate pass the Every Student Succeeds Act, a major bipartisan overhaul of the nation’s federal education law.
Among the most important measures in the new law is a framework allowing local communities to tap critically needed resources to help low income students get the help they need to stay in school.
The new law includes specific language allowing Title 1 funding for integrated student supports (wraparound services) – a local and school-based approach that removes academic and non-academic barriers to student achievement. It also enables local educators to access competitive grants to work with integrated student supports providers like Communities In Schools and encourages local communities to utilize evidence-based programs proven to help low-income students succeed in school.
“This represents our nation’s best opportunity to help poor students, who are now the majority in public schools, overcome their barriers to learning,” said Communities In Schools President Dan Cardinali. “Our nearly 40 years of experience working with students across the country and independent research results prove that integrated students supports effectively improve education outcomes for school kids. It is gratifying that our leaders in Congress looked at the evidence and determined this is an effective and cost-efficient use of resources.”
CIS is the largest provider of integrated student supports. Our unique model of support positions trained site coordinators inside schools to identify at-risk students. Working with school leaders and community partners, the site coordinators provide these students with the services and supports – food, school supplies, health care, counseling, academic assistance, mentorship, guidance, etc. – needed for academic success. A recent impact report demonstrated the results:
CIS serves 1.48 million students at 2,400 schools and community-based sites across the country
92 percent of these students are eligible for free-or-reduced priced lunch
99 percent of case-managed students stay in school
93 percent of K-11 students who are monitored are promoted to the next grade
91 percent of eligible seniors graduate
The cost to states and districts is minimal—as little as $159 per student per year

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