CIS of Nevada supported students achieve a 92 percent graduation rate for the 2020-2021 school year

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Longtime CIS corporate partner, Bank of America, congratulates the Class of 2022 on their accomplishments!

Communities In Schools Nevada celebrates its students for achieving a 92 percent graduation rate for the 2020-2021 school year, 13 percent higher than the statewide average graduation rate for students who qualify for free and reduced-priced lunch.

The 92 percent graduation rate is based on high school seniors from 13 Title I or high-needs high schools across the state and case-managed by CIS staff. Case management is CIS’s most intensive intervention, targeting students with tremendous potential but who may be marginalized because of race, zip code or socioeconomic background. In 2020-2021, CIS served 70,558 students in grades K-12 at 75 schools throughout Nevada and case-managed a total of 3,665 students in grades K-12. For case-managed students in grades K-11, 96 percent successfully advanced to the next grade level.

Well-deserved praise is pouring in from the CIS community including longtime partner and generous donor Bank of America, who commends the Class of 2022 for their accomplishments and salutes CIS site coordinators who helped pave the way and eliminate barriers for students.

“Congratulations to the hard-working students for this tremendous accomplishment and to the CIS team for supporting them along the way,” said Al Welch, president, Bank of America Las Vegas. “Recognizing the impact of bridging gaps in education access and providing the resources necessary to ensure student success, Bank of America has been a longtime supporter of the organization as it helps its students chart a path toward economic opportunity and stability.”

“We are elated to celebrate a 92 percent graduation rate for our high school seniors, a benchmark that truly demonstrates the effectiveness of CIS’s evidence-based wraparound services model,” said Tami Hance-Lehr, CEO and state director. “Through the collaborative partnerships between our site coordinators, community partners, and our generous donors like Bank of America, we can support our students through one of the most significant transitions in their lives and improve their overall quality of life. It’s a milestone that greatly fuels CIS’ ambition to continue to do what we do and pushes us to strive to serve more students and work inside more schools. Imagine our impact if we could partner with every high-needs school in Nevada and break down barriers to student success?”

Students of color and those living in poverty face significant opportunity gaps, as evidenced by the disaggregated graduation rates for Nevada in the 2020-21 school year. CIS is proud of the students we serve who have graduated from high-need and Title I schools, where a large percentage of the student population lives in poverty. Compared to the state overall graduation rate as released by the Nevada Department of Education, CIS of Nevada student graduation rates were more than 15% higher for students who identified as Hispanic/Latino, 20% higher for those who identified as Black, and 10% higher for those identified as multi-racial. Since 2004, for nearly two decades, CIS of Nevada has demonstrated measurable success in student outcomes.

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