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CIS WNV Group Photo with Trander Middle School Students and School Bus

Lives Change Here.

When Nevada middle school student Mercedes says, “If it wasn’t for CIS, I’d probably be in jail right now,” her voice cracks just slightly before she adds, “Having something to look forward to and having something to work for — earning something — makes everything a lot better.”

At Communities In Schools of Nevada, we believe that every student, regardless of race, gender, ability, ZIP code, or socioeconomic background should have the support they need to realize their full potential in school and beyond.

Testimonials like Mercedes’ and the countless others show that the connections forged between students and site coordinators are deep and life-long. When you see how much the CIS of Nevada program has changed their lives, you can’t help but root for them to achieve everything they set out to do. 

Let’s talk about facts for a moment, because the situation on the ground is an extremely challenging one. 
of Nevada public school students live in poverty
Chance we can solve this together
Poverty is the top barrier to education, according to teachers

The Problem & The Solution  

The early years of a child’s life is the foundation for lifelong success. Yet to help a child grow into prepared and productive adult, parents need jobs with adequate pay, affordable housing and resources to invest in their children’s future.

Students in Title I schools experience the effects of poverty and are faced with great threats to a their cognitive development, physical and mental health, educational success and many other aspects.

In 2021, the SPM child pover­ty rate in Nevada jumped to 19%, compared to 16% in the U.S. This equates to about 129,000 kids in Nevada who are liv­ing in fam­i­lies who do not have enough resources for basic needs such as food, hous­ing and utilities.

Researchers esti­mate the total U.S. cost of child pover­ty ranges from $800 bil­lion to $1.1 tril­lion per year based on lost pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and increased health care and oth­er expenditures. With children slipping back into poverty, support and stability is needed more than ever.

As the leading stay-in-school organization in the state and throughout the nation, we see greatness in every child and we work tirelessly to unlock their potential. In them, we see deep potential, a promise waiting to be realized. 

So, we go where they need us, inside Title I schools—understanding their needs and listening to their dreams. Because we know, today’s students will be the leaders who guide our society, the entrepreneurs who transform our economy, the workers who drive our industries, the scientists who craft new technologies and the artists who convey our dreams, hopes and concerns.

And in every step we take together, we help them find the strength and confidence to look within and see what we see — a bright future that’s theirs for the taking. 

Community by community, school by school, child by child—we are all in this together. 

“If it wasn’t for CIS, I don’t think that I would probably be here today.”
Dominic, CIS Alumni & President of CIS Alumni Executive Council

site coordinator

Listen. Care. Take Action.

Our site coordinators challenge the status quo. They see a problem and come up with unique solutions on a student-by-student basis to help that young person grow, thrive and achieve.

How Site Coordinators Help

Whatever It Takes

Our approach is more complicated than a simple phrase, but “whatever it takes” hits the mark like no other. We pour resources into a students’ school and family life. 

We work to tear down barriers that stand in their way. We work tirelessly to create an equitable path to education. We are in schools to help kids stay in school. Doesn’t every child deserve an equal chance? 

Our Roots Run Deep

With a history that spans six decades and origins in New York, our story is one of constant honing, refinement and adapting to the needs of students across the nation. 

Our Story

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Serving more than 100,000 students across the Silver State, Communities In Schools of Nevada covers every corner, from Reno to Elko, to Las Vegas and many points beyond.

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