Communities In Schools of Nevada is entering a period of rapid growth, rising to the occasion to meet the moment by expanding into more than a dozen new schools for the 2022-2023 school year, bringing our total count to almost 100. With at least one full-time professional working in 91 Title I or high-needs schools across the state, we prioritize building trusting relationships with the students and families we serve. Every Communities In Schools success story starts with the relationship between the student and the Site Coordinator. Site Coordinators are caring adults who serve full-time on school campuses to connect students and families to community resources, acting as guides for students traveling the path to graduation. We currently have over 100 Site Coordinators working inside K-12 schools in the Clark, Elko, Humboldt, and Washoe communities.

CIS of Nevada State Team

Tami Hance
Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Pearsall
Chief Financial Officer
Alex Bybee
Chief Strategy Officer
Alexis Benavidez
Chief Administrative Officer
Nicole Neal
Resource Development Director
Jamie Chazan
Director of Grants
Hannah Arnold
Development & Event Manager
Karen Hernandez
Human Resources Manager
Nathaniel Waugh
Government Affairs Manager
Salina Villegas
Senior State Program Manager
Teri Saldana
Administrative Support Manager
Cory Fuqua
Public Funding Manager
Kenesha Thompson
Human Resources Generalist
Karen Pickens
Diane Presser
Marketing Manager
Benjamin Korn
Private Grants Coordinator
Natalie Allin
Data Strategist
Cheri Ward
Senior Consultant


CIS of Southern Nevada Team

Debbie Palacios
Executive Director
Ana Estrada
Associate Executive Director
Gina Campbell
Director of Data & Evaluation
Treasha Parker
Director of Academy & Alumni
Irazu Velasquez
Development & Engagement Manager
Irene Armenta
Senior Program Director
Ivana Sarajlic
Senior Program Director
Karen Montiel-Ramos
Senior Program Director
Nicole Pulliam
Program Director
Courtney Merz
Program Director
Leslie Benitez
Program Director
Chelsea Iacovetto
Program Director
Jhoana Duarte
Program Director
Angie Montenegro
Program/Training Manager
Eliset Villanueva
Program Manager
Amilet Armenta-Ruiz
Program Manager
Cheryl Arteaga
Program Manager
Jackie Puno
Program Manager
Nicole Alcantara
Program Manager
Brandon Dudley
Program Manager
Laura Wright
Office Coordinator
Eliana Martinez Luna
Academy Specialist
Rocio Ledesma
Academy Specialist
Kasey Strube
Data Manager
Lan Thong
Data Specialist
Kirsten Farrar
Training Specialist


CIS of Northeastern Nevada Team

Sarah Goicoechea
Executive Director
Trisha Webb
Senior Program Director
Kalynne Mitchell
Program Director
Leslie Goicoechea
Program Outreach & Operations Manager
Melissa Garcia
Data Coordinator
Emma Taylor
Program & Volunteer Coordinator



CIS of Western Nevada Team

Nicole Willis-Grimes
Executive Director
Belinda Foster
Program Director
Alexsis Adams
Program Director
  Brandon Morales
Administrative Development Coordinator