Funding Priority: CIS of Western Nevada

Thank you for your interest in Communities In Schools of Western Nevada.

Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.


This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000:

Program Support for our Integrated Student Support Services Model

CIS of Nevada provides direct student support services that are integrated into the school community. Services are provided based upon assessments of the needs of the entire school population, as well as the needs of individual students. At each school, the full-time, highly trained CIS Site Coordinator facilitates programs and services in the following ways:

Tier 1 – School-wide services and resources designed to foster a positive school climate and address school-level risk factors. They are short-term or long-term interventions that are provided to all members of the school population. Some examples of Tier 1 resources or services include motivational speaker for school wide assembly, college fairs, and school wide anti-bullying programs.

Tier 2 – Targeted services and resources are typically provided in a group setting to students with a common need. Some examples of Tier 2 resources or services include tutoring, mentoring, and attendance improvement programs.

Tier 3 – Direct case management by a CIS Site Coordinator. School administrators and the CIS Site Coordinator work together to identify students with risk factors that can lead to dropping out of school. Then these Tier 3 students are tracked for progress in the areas of promotion, graduation, grades, school attendance and behavior, and teen pregnancy rates. A needs assessment is completed with the parent/guardian of each Tier 3 student, and a case plan is developed with the student. CIS Site Coordinators also provide direct services including mentoring, life skills lessons, and case management including assessment, goal setting, crisis intervention, information/referral, home visits, and tracking of progress.
CIS of Nevada currently serves three regions throughout the state of Nevada; Las Vegas, Reno and Elko, with our integrated students support services.

  • A grant of $1,000 could help purchase incentives for 40 at-risk students, things such as gift cards or movie passes in order to help encourage them to bring up grades, increase their attendance or improve school behavior.
  • A grant of $2,500 could help supply 100 at-risk students with full backpacks filled with the school supplies they so desperately need in order to be prepared to learn and succeed.
  • A grant of $5,000 could cover the costs for on-site services and supplies for an entire school year at one of our eight local school campus partner sites, including things like funding motivational guest speakers, supplying after-school activities and programming, purchasing basic needs for students, assisting with student transportation needs and even providing emergency rent and utility funds for students in dire situations.
  • A grant of $10,000 could help our organization grow and expand into an additional school site, enabling us to help more students in need of our services.

Our current funding priorities are:

1. Grow our CIS of Western Nevada affiliate into additional Title I campuses in the Washoe County School District.
2. Deepen and strengthen our services at our eight school partner sites in the Washoe County School District.
3. Help stabilize students and their families so they can make education a priority.

Contact Executive Director Auburn Harrison to talk with her about these exciting grant opportunities at or (775)846-0250.

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, please contact a member of our Stewardship Team at 775-333-5499.