In Nevada, 94 students drop out of school every school day. Currently, only 71% of Nevada’s high school students graduate; for minorities, it is fewer than one in three.The future for these students is bleak: chronic unemployment, reliance on government assistance, and high likelihood of incarceration. Dropout not only affects the future of our children, but it affects the future of our state’s economy. If only 10% more males were to graduate high school, Nevada would realize $111 million in crime-related savings and would realize an additional $44 million in income.

Complex problems take complex solutions. Teachers can’t do it alone. Administrators can’t do it alone. It takes a community. That’s why Communities In Schools of Nevada brings together all sectors of the community – from businesses and other nonprofits to government agencies and faith-based organizations. Together, we provide the resources that help students to graduate on time, prepared for college, career and life.  We are building a stronger state and nation.  We hope that you will join us in our mission.

“Site Coordinators on each school campus help coordinate
the efforts of community partners.”